Got Old Wood Co.

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  Glen Bills  reviewed Got Old Wood Co. --5 star

March 16, 2017
Mark and Cindy were awesome to work with. Their selection of unique reclaimed wood is not only beautiful, but also full of interesting history which Mark was kind enough to share with me. After getting an understanding of the project I was needing the wood for, they took the time to hand select a combination of woods that enhanced he project significantly. Their prices were also beyond reasonable especially considering the amount of labor that must have went into reclaiming and preparing the wood.
If you have a project that requires cool wood with unique character, I would definitely recommend working with these guys... you won't regret it.


Amber Spade reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

February 8 · 

Love, love, love this place. It was so much fun to just wander around and pick through the wood to find the perfect project pieces. We got a great deal from a fantastic gentleman who worked there, too! ... And to find out he could even tell us where some of the pieces came from. We have a shelf that came from a covered wagon!!!

Barry Johnson reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

June 3, 2017 · 

Mark did an outstanding job on 2 4x7' barn doors to close off our basement. They are great people and the doors are absolutely beautiful and they came to install them themselves. I was really questioning how they would mint them in such a large space but they pulled it off amazingly well. We couldn't be more pleased. I got quotes from another shop in springville that would have cost me nearly three times as much. 

Cu Industrial reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

October 15, 2016 · 

These guys have the best supply of barnwood in the valley! If you can think of it they have it!

Angela Crandall Petersen reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

November 12, 2016 · 

Very helpful with picking my Barnwood. Barnwood was pressure washed and cleaned, paint removed. My fireplace turned out incredible and he delivered the wood for me. Very customer oriented

Brandon Kee reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

March 16, 2017 · 

They are truly doing amazing things with materials that because of them have found new life. Amazing sliding barn doors, accent walls, custom furniture, and props!!

Jennifer Foster reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

October 31, 2016 · 

I had a project to complete a feature wall at my home, my hero Mark from Got Old Wood made an amazing transformation to my family room...I love my new feature wall

Thank you so much Got Old Wood, you guys are the best

Debi Watkins reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

March 26, 2017 · 

Great people to work with. I love the wall I created with reclaimed wood. Thanks!  

Meg Martin reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

September 9, 2016 · 

Amazing Store! Everything can be custom made! Love their Barn Doors, Bird houses, and American Flags!

Sara Anne reviewed Got Old Wood Co. — 5 star

October 15, 2016 · 

Great people, great array of barn wood! I'm never disappointed when I visit!


Pamela Lawrence

3 reviews

2 months ago-
We called Got Old Wood to see if they would take down our cedar sauna/shed in exchange for the wood.  Mel, came right over and started working that same day.  It was a Win Win for all, as we are getting a new shed and didnt have the time or resources to dissemble.  Mel completed it in 2 days, he was so nice and reliable.  Recommend them if you have a similar situation.  My husband built our sauna 25 years ago and its nice to know that other people will now enjoy the beautiful cedar in their homes.


Mike Dow

8 reviews · 2 photos

Great, funky place. Mark was helpful when asked, but happily let us explore what he had. We put together a nice shoe rack with the reclaimed wood we picked up. Thanks Mark!


Dave Morgan

6 reviews

Got Old Wood has a great vintage wood collection with all the charm to boot. In a word, Mark & Cindy are awesome. I've used them for years, even referring and partnering with them on many projects. They are passionate about preserving the past with beautiful, rustic woodwork. Highly recommended from this Cowboy!! DM  #ute_woodworks


Trevor Marsh

1 review
Very helpful with my ideas also added there expertise until my project came to life .Thank you Mark and Cindy


jen lopez

2 reviews

Cindy and Mark have an amazing collection of old wood reclaimed from all kinds of places. Now to decide what it is I'm going to make!

 Dee Nendell  1 review                                                                                                           -This place is amazing                                                                                                                                          Joe Szymanski Joe SzymanskiLocal Guide · 47 reviews · 43 photos                                                         Wide variety of distressed wood options. 


Curt McDaniel reviewed Got Old Wood Co.5 star

January 5 · 

We had an excellent experience at Got Old Wood Co.. We found two beautiful pieces that are now mantles over our fireplaces. They took a lot of time out of their day to help us find the right pieces and even grinded down some old carriage bolts to hammer into one of them to give it even more character.

We will absolutely come back to shop these guys again!